How to Choose The Best Floor For Your Home

Best Floor

If your house is in a bit of a rundown state and you want to make changes that will have a huge impact on the final look of your home, you should consider changing your flooring. Old and worn out carpets, tattered linoleum or outdated laminate flooring will drag down the look of your home even with a good effort at some interior décor. Installing new flooring with the latest styles in the market can kick things up and transform your home’s interior dramatically. Here are some of the latest trends in flooring and what you should consider when buying in.


Hardwood flooring has all the right attributes that you could look for in a flooring material. It is a natural insulator, made from solid lumber to give excellent structural strength, durable, easy to clean and flawlessly complements any kind of décor. Hardwood flooring is also great for people with allergies or asthma because it does not attract dust and other allergens like carpets.

Hardwood flooring requires proper maintenance to provide years of service. Unlike engineered hardwood, hardwood is not moisture resistant. You need to clean up spills immediately. The solid wood will also shrink and expands depending on the level of humidity in the home and this should be kept at a constant to avoid seasonal gapping. Hardwood is easier to install in a house than a condominium because the boars need to be nailed to the floor. There are solutions for this; you will need to hire a contractor who understands the requirements of installing hardwood flooring in a condominium.


Engineered wood is made of several layers of plywood, HFD or solid wood topped with a layer of dried hardwood that is fused together using pressure. Engineered hardwood looks a lot similar to regular hardwood flooring but it is more expensive. This is because of its moisture resistant design that makes it suitable for areas where there is a lot of fluctuation in the humidity and temperature. Engineered hardwood is great for cottages and basements. Engineered hardwood is also a more flexible product when it comes to installation.


Cork flooring is made from the bark of the cork oak tree. Cork is one of the most environmentally friendly flooring materials since it can be harvested without cutting down the tree. Cork is naturally mold, mildew and bacteria resistant making it hypoallergenic. Cork is made of 50% air; it absorbs and reflects heat keeping it warm under your feet. Cork is less resilient compared to hardwood flooring and you need to be careful with furniture, high heels and pet nails.


Concrete flooring creates and industrial type of décor with stylish finishing options. Concrete is a great flooring materials because of its durability, it is very difficult to damage. It is resistant to structural damage from furniture, foot traffic of even the clawing of pets. Regular moping and periodical sealing is enough to keep it looking great for as long as the home stands. Concrete flooring can be cold and installing a radiant under floor heating system is advisable.