Can Radiant Floor Heating Replace Other Forms Of Heating?

Electric In floor heating is a great solution for bathrooms and kitchens because most of those rooms are finished with tile floors which become very cold to walk on in the winter months, and the appeal of walking on a warm floor first thing in the morning to make your cup of coffee. Outside of kitchens and bathrooms can this type of heating system be used as a primary source of heating, or should it be? Instead of using radiators or forced air underfloor heating, depending on your home’s insulation, is a realistic alternative to a primary source of heat.

Is It Right For Your Home?

While it is appealing it may not be the right option for your home. The reason is because of your home’s heat loss calculation. The maximum heat output has to be larger than the maximum heat loss so that you will have enough heat to warm the room, or house. If you don’t then this is not the right kind of heating system for your home. You can figure this out by conducting a heat loss calculation.

Existing Central Heating

If you have a home with central heating you might want to replace your existing system with underfloor heating. By replacing existing fixtures, like radiators, you can also improve the air quality of your home because these other kinds of heating pushes dust particles and allergens from room to room in your home which will aggravate anyone who is sensitive to them.

New Build or Complete Overhaul

If you are building a brand new home, or have decided to do a massive renovation on your existing home it is a great time to consider installing one of these systems over other forms of heating. One of the biggest advantages of underfloor heating system is it gives you a lot of freedom with how you design your home since you don’t have to worry about where you place furniture around each room. There are also zero cold/hot spots with this kind of heating since every room is a consistent and even temperature. What’s more is that there is actually very little maintenance to these systems when compared to alternative heating solutions.

The Best of Both Worlds

If you are renovating your home room by room, or you know you only want radiant floor heating in the bathrooms and kitchen then there is the real possibility of having both kinds of heating in your home. It might be much more cost effective to install these systems in the rooms your family uses most and leave the others with the heating system currently in place, especially if there is already a central heating system installed. With a good quality underfloor system it will last as long as your flooring does, maybe longer, so you don’t really need to have both in your home unless your budget doesn’t allow for it but there really isn’t a need to have both.

Overall, radiant in floor heating Toronto could very well, and very efficiently, replace traditional sources of heating especially with new homes being built. When building a new home you have the luxury of having this system installed without even needing to complete renovations or live in a construction zone, so you can move into a house with a consistent and even natural temperature right away. It would be an investment to install it in everywhere in an existing home, but it would also be well worth it. So if this is the right choice for you then you can rest easy knowing you are installing a system your family will appreciate for years to come.