How to Buy the Right Area Rug for your Home

Area Rug

Area rugs add a remarkable finishing touch to rooms. They offer a range of practical benefits which include adding warmth, reducing noise levels and adding comfort. What is more is that the perfect rug will help define the room’s boundaries which enables you to unify and complete the room. However, when it comes to the purchase of an area rug, you will be spoilt for choice. Often the decision is overwhelming. Knowing what to look for will help narrow down your search and end up with the perfect rug for your heated floors.


The area rugs come in all shapes and sizes. The size you end up buying will depend on what you want to achieve. For the living room, the ideal area rug needs to be at least the same length and width as the fittings. The area rugs for the living rooms range from 6’ X 6’ to 8’ x 10’. For a smaller room like the study or the bedroom, you can get a smaller rug that is between 4’ x 6’ and 5’ x 7’.

Most standard dining tables will work with an area rug that is not less than 8’ wide. The legs of the chair should sit on the rug even when someone is seated. This means that if you want to purchase the perfect rug, you have to measure the size of your table then add at least 3’ to each measurement.


Now that you know what size will be perfect for you, the next thing you need to do is to pick a style. The rule of thumb when it comes to style is to think about your target ambience. Do you want the room to look traditional, casual or contemporary?

  • Victorian, ‘old world’ or English country themes: Pick aubusson or the faded oriental rug. You can also consider the tribal or the nubby geometric for the Mexican country interior.
  • Contemporary high tech: The urban streamlined rooms will go well with the contrasting textures that are offered by the shag rug. You can also consider the leather-bound sisal or the flat pile commercial rug.
  • Global/electric: For this style, you will do best to go with the fun faux zebra or the leopard rug for the striking ethnic twist. You can combine this with the traditional cream colored setting for that unique spin.
  • Traditional: The best option here is the Exploring Persian or the Pakistani rug designs. Go for those with bold colors and elegant designs.


The last thing you need to consider in an area rug for floor heating is the fibers. Area rugs are made of several dissimilar fibers. These are what determine the performance and appearance of the rugs. The natural fibers are usually soft and have low luster colors. These include silk, cotton and wool.  Synthetic fiber rugs are available in more colors. They are easy to maintain and have an outstanding value.

These four considerations will help pick the ideal area rug for your home. The important thing is to match the rug to your lifestyle.

Besides rags there are numerous radiant floor heating methods including driveway heating systems and snow melting systems. It all depends on your heating requirements.