Brick Driveway Maintenance

Brick Driveway

Brick driveways will make your compound look very stylish. Bricks come in a deep rich color and have varied patterns and when laid out well they look very elegant. The cost of installing such a driveway may be high but it’s totally worth it given the aesthetic appeal, functionality and durability it brings. Since installing a brick driveway is time consuming and expensive, it is important to care for it well so as to ensure that it lasts for the intended period.


Grass and weed grow in between bricks and thus it is important to check and remove them regularly. Also keep the bricks clean by sweeping off the dust, debris and mud. Ensure that you sweep every week or more often depending on activities surrounding it. Get a quality outdoor sweeper from the store that will remove even the mud. Sweeping regularly makes the cleaning process much easier. With a lot of dirt build up, you will spend more energy and chemicals when cleaning.


Once in a while scrub the driveway with soap, water and hot water. Scrub to loosen all the dirt and then rinse with a garden hose. If the stains are deep, then use a power washer to loosen them.  However, note that a power washer should not be used when you have any loose pavers. This is because the washer will force water underneath the pavers loosening them further.

You can hire a landscaping contractor who will utilize commercial cleaning solutions and a power washer to deep clean your pavements without applying excessive pressure that could harm the bricks.

Clean off fresh spills quickly so that you can avoid the use of bleach when the stain sinks in. Bleaching agents can damage the bricks and thus their use should be minimized.


One cleaning method that should be avoided with brick driveways is the sandblasters. Sandblasting can make the brick look good but it harms the surface of fired bricks. By using sandblasters, you make the surface more susceptible to water damage and cracks. Muriatic acid should also be avoided as it may discolor the bricks thus ruining the overall appearance.


Applying a layer of sealant can help in preventing weed growth and maintaining a clean surface. Sealing helps in repelling stains. Sealants resist dirt and oil penetration, freezing and prevent insect invasion. Sealing can be done after deep cleaning so as to ensure that the driveway is protected for years to come. The old layers need to be taken out before applying the fresh coating. This is because if the sealant is uneven, then it will not offer the best protection. It can be a DIY project but allowing a professional to do it for you will ensure that it is done perfectly. Deep cleaning and sealing can be done after two years to boost the lifespan of the brick driveway.


Maintaining your driveway and other surfaces clear when it snows is very important for both safety and aesthetics. Consider investing in heated floors, floor heating, snow melting systems or driveway heating systems.