Best Flooring for Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Renovation

If you want to renovate your kitchen floor chances are that you not only care about its function but its look as well. Sometimes choosing the best floor for your kitchen can be tricky. Your choice for flooring should depend on style/look, budget, placements for the floor and your preferences. We are going to discuss qualities of the materials you should use when undertaking a home renovations project on your kitchen and their benefits.

These are some of the prerequisites that your floor material must have:

  1. It should be safe: You’ll definitely be spending a portion of your time in the kitchen. Therefore, you need a floor that is resistant to slip and which is leveled and is able to withstand so much foot traffic.
  2. It should be made from a material that requires low to medium maintenance: It is advisable to go for a slightly dark or patterned floor because it is much more effective at concealing dust and dirt. Also, you need also to pick a material that has the ability to handle moisture.
  3. Durable material: Moving in and around your kitchen will lead to wear and tear over time. As such, you need to choose a material that can stand the test of time.
  4. Tasteful: You want something that is beautiful to the eye; something that matches other materials and colors in your kitchen.

Considering the factors listed above, some of the best options for your kitchen flooring include laminate flooring, luxury vinyl or porcelain tiles.


These have a tendency to have underfoot that is softer than solid hardwood making them eye-catching and comfortable in the kitchen. Find different images you can imprint onto the wood; it has a design potential that is limitless.

The most common laminate finishes include slate, concrete, oak, marble and pine. The floor is easy to install as it does not require fasteners or glue. It floats above the subfloor making it able to contract and expand with the natural humidity and temperature changes of your home.


If you want variety, porcelain is the best option. It has a good way of matching up to other colors and materials in your kitchen from the appliances, backsplash, to the walls and more. Porcelain comes in many patterns and colors and it’s possible to find porcelain tiles that imitate other materials that are more expensive e.g. stone.


Over the years, luxury vinyl has changed a lot. It does not use the amount of chemicals it used to and has become more of a product that is green friendly. It is softer than common vinyl and just like laminate flooring images can be imprinted on it. The meaning of this is that it’s possible to have all the benefits that vinyl has but imitate various materials, colors, patterns etc. It is becoming a famous material to use in kitchens. It looks more like wood: warm underfoot, brilliant and durable.