Best Flooring for a Family Room Renovation

A living room also called family room is a place in your house where you unwind and relax. You can watch movies from here, play with the kids or spend some time with them as you entertain yourself. For this reason, it is important to use a material that is functional and also pleasing to the eye. Your desire is to create a warm and cozy place where you can spend time.

The living room is one of the most walked through areas in a house. With many types of floors in the market today, knowing the most suitable one can be hard work but the good news is that almost any type of floor can be used in living room home renovations. There is not any that can’t go whether tile, carpet, vinyl or wood. It all comes down to the feel or look you want to achieve, whether it’s under floor heating or other considerations like kids.

Below are suggestions for your family room flooring:


If you have time and money to buy floorings of solid hardwood, go for it. Solid hardwood feels and looks like nothing else. It brings warmth to the room that you can’t compare with anything else not even carpet. There are exotic hardwoods and domesticated woods that are regular and you can find them in various colors.

Compared to engineered wooden flooring, solid hardwoods cost less. However, the cost of installing them might push the price up. Solid hardwood floors can be refinished and sanded many times and therefore they hold their value. When they are taken good care of, they last long.


This is a material that has been in use for many years. However, it is still being used widely because it’s not expensive and it’s easy to clean. It also comes in a variety of colors and is soft underfoot. A carpet warms your living room visually and physically. If you want to downplay the floors, choose a carpet with a neutral color. If your living rooms ceiling is high, go for a hue that grabs the attention.


Cork is becoming a popular material quickly. It is green friendly because it’s a renewable resource and compared to rear wood, it is softer underfoot. It’s also a very durable material. However, it costs almost as much as hardwood or engineered floors. If you are more budget sensitive, go for laminate flooring over engineered woods or hardwood.


It is a low cost choice to real wood. It comes in various wood grains and finishes and is resistant to stains. However, laminates are susceptible to scratching especially when furniture is dragged across them. Therefore in order to protect the laminate floor from scratch, put protective buttons on the feet of your furniture.

A warm contemporary style of a living room can be supported by a laminate of medium color and which has visible patterns of grain. Use rags to add pattern and color and to wrap up footstep sounds.