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Heated Bathroom Floors In Toronto

There is nothing worse than stepping out of a hot shower onto ice-cold floors. The rush for a pair of slippers is not something you want to keep doing. That is what makes an investment in heated bathroom floors a great move. Bathroom floor heating adds luxury and comfort to any bathroom. The best thing is unlike a conventional HVAC system, electric floor heating is more energy-efficient and offers hundreds of dollars in savings on utility bills.

Average cost of installing heated bathroom floors

Expect to spend minimum of $475 for a bathroom that is 100 square feet. The maximum reported cost for the same bathroom size is $725. The average cost is between $5 to $8 per square foot. For 100 square feet, you can expect to spend about $600.  

Most homeowners assume that installing heated bathroom floors is very expensive. That is not true. Thanks to advancements in technology, the cost of installing a bathroom floor heating has become very affordable.  It is good to note that the cost of bathroom floor heating varies depending on a number of things such as the installation company you choose and the materials you use. The cost will also vary depending on the surface area that has to be covered. The larger the space is, the higher the cost of both materials and installation. The best way to get accurate estimates and avoid inflated costs is to work with a contractor that has specific experience with this type of project. Heavenly Heat Inc. is your safest bet for a heated bathroom floor in Toronto.

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    We have been providing our heated bathroom floor for almost 3 decades. Therefore you will get a free estimate and will also be provided with a timeline of the whole process.


Heavenly Heat Inc. experts have the necessary knowledge and experience to install an electric radiant floor system that includes mats or cables for your heated bathroom floor needs. In addition, the electric radiant floor heating system itself not only can be installed with your already existing electrical system but requires no maintenance, and thus works properly and lasts for many years ahead.


Radiant floor heating uses plastic piping underneath your flooring. When the water starts to cool, it returns to the heat source. Then it’s reheated and sent back in order to warm the space. As a result, the water is safely circulated throughout the area.

Keep in mind, radiant floor heating systems are covered under an almost 30-year warranty and can last for 50 years minimum.


One of the ways in which floor heating is more efficient than HVAC is the fact that it relies on radiation to heat the floor and the room. With HVAC, the air is heated and then blown through ducts. Due to the fact that air is circulated around the room dampers and vents, most of the heat is lost. Hot air also rises and descends only when the marked energy is lost. With heated bathroom floors, the entire floor surface is heated by electric cables embedded beneath the tiles. The heat from the lower half of the room then radiates to every corner of the room. There is less heat wastage with bathroom floor heating.


As aforementioned, HVAC relies on air circulation. What you might not know is that when air is heated it loses its humidity. Low humidity in the air leads to respiratory issues. There is also the issue of dust and other allergens when heating is dependent on air circulation. The case is different with the radiant heating you get from heated bathroom floors. The system heats the surface of the bathroom and not the air. Floor heating doesn’t rely on fans or ducts to redistribute air like HVAC. Consequently, the issue of dust and seasonal allergens will be eliminated.

Steps for Installing Radiant Floor Heat for Your Heated Bathroom Floors

Bathroom floors can get really cold, especially during the winter months. And since most people spend a substantial amount of time in the bathroom every day, it only makes sense to want to make this space warmer and cozier. The good news is that not only bathroom accessories Toronto can make your bathroom cozy, you can also install a bathroom floor heating system without much hassle.


The first step is to measure the area of the floor where you will be installing the radiant heat wires. It is important to keep in mind that you will be measuring only the parts of the floor on which you will be walking. There is no need to heat the entire floor including where the cabinets are. This will only be wasteful. Ensure that the wires are at least 6 inches from the wax ring of the toilet. Once you have all the measurements, plot this on a graph paper and take it with you to your home store.

Install Heating Mats

The third step involves laying the mats in a design that works best for you and your heated bathroom floor. Before you place the mat on the floor, ensure you have put a thin layer of thin-set which will hold the mat in place. All you need to do to install the mat is to press it gently onto the thin-set. The mats have plugs which connect with each other to ensure a continuous circuit.


So you have your heating mats in place, what’s next? The final step in ensuring your bathroom has heated floors is to put the tiles on top of the mats. For this to be effective, you need to put a thin-set on top of the mats and then place the tiles on top. The tiles should be stone or ceramic. If you use linoleum tiles or carpet, you are likely to have the tiles melt or catch fire. Once you have your tiles well-placed you can now look forward to having a warm and cozy heated bathroom floor even in the coldest months.

Install Electric Circuit

For this, you will need to use a licensed electrician. If you are opting for floor heating mats, most manufacturers recommend that you have a 20-amp circuit. An electrician will install the circuit and also check the heat mats to ensure there are no shorting circuits.


After the mats are in place, take time to check that everything is where it should be and that the mat is heating the floor evenly. You should also make sure that the heating cables are not too close to any fixtures in the bathroom.


There are numerous benefits of heated bathroom floors. For starters you will have a better time when taking showers and using your bathroom when the floor is heated. You don’t have to worry about ice cold tiles making contact with your feet. Also, you get to save on the overall costs of heating the house since a bathroom floor heating is more cost-effective compared to using the HVAC to heat the entire house.

Get Premium Heated Bathroom Floor System

At Heavenly Heat Inc. you have a wide range of heating systems to choose from depending on your budget and needs. Whether you need a simple bathroom floor heating system that is effective and affordable or a snow melting system that’s energy efficient, our technical team can help you to locate the right product.


When working with Heavenly Heat Inc. you will be pleased with the entire process. First, we walk you through the systems we have that match your needs while providing one-on-one customer support. Every order will include the necessary drawings together with the panel, layouts, locations and any technical information that may be required for the given project. Heavenly Heat Inc. offers a dedicated technical support team that wants to ensure the project runs smoothly. We offer high quality radiant heating systems preferred by builders, architects and homeowners all over Toronto.

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What our Clients Say

Amazing product! We installed easy mat in a family room. The family room was part of an addition that was on a slab so the room was extremely cold especially in the winter. We used the mat under pad and carpet and it heats up in minutes. We are thrilled with how this product performs.
Amy Cole
Amy Cole
16:46 08 Jun 18
As a DIY, I really appreciated the snow melting cable from Heavenly Heat because it is so heavily jacketed I had no trouble with damage, testing the cable before and after proved that it withstood whatever it had to during installation. I love that it has a built-in return connection; meaning the cable doesn't have to make the "run" back to the relay panel - this made the install so much easier.
Samanta Alves
Samanta Alves
03:12 09 Jun 18
Very happy with the directions and amount of information I received with the mat. It made the installation easy. Will recommend to anyone.
Mary Smith
Mary Smith
23:32 10 Jun 18
I'm very happy with Heavenly Heat team. It's my 3rd project with this team and I'm always happy with their work.
Charlie K. Reinert
Charlie K. Reinert
17:13 26 Dec 16
An awesome heating system, we used it in our bathroom renovation project; and honestly, after hours of research I couldnt find anything else even near the same quality for the same price. Would absolutely reccomend
timour chamilov
timour chamilov
15:05 31 Aug 16

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