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How To Repair Heated Floors?

Underfloor heating systems are durable and will rarely have any issues if installed correctly. The floor heating system is protected by the materials it is encapsulated in and doesn’t have moving parts. However, just like with other systems, the underfloor heating system might develop some issues that require professional repair. Below are some of the […]

What is Heat Loss and Why it is Important?

Heat loss can occur through conduction, radiation, convection, or a combination of the three. Heat loss is the transfer of heat from the inside of a building to the outside through the fabric of a building. Heat loss figure is often expressed in terms of British Thermal Units (BTU) or kilowatts (kW). Determining the heat […]

Guide to Underfloor Heating Heat Output

It’s essential to know the heat output of an underfloor heating system if you want your home to be heated evenly to a comfortable temperature. After all, the role of an underfloor heating system is to ensure that every room in your house is heated to a temperature you desire. You wouldn’t like to install […]

Types of Home Heating Sources

Looking to install a new heating system in your home? Today, homeowners have numerous options when it comes to home heating. From furnaces to fireplaces and floor heating systems. What you choose will depend on your budget, needs, and personal preferences. We’ll go over some home heating options you may want to consider and highlight […]