Asphalt Driveway Maintenance

Asphalt Driveway

Many property owners prefer asphalt to concrete because it is more flexible, cheaper and it can be customized to match owner’s tastes and surroundings. Asphalt driveways are built on a strong foundation to enhance its strength and durability. They have a petroleum base which allows them to withstand freezing and expansion of water. This normally causes distortion and cracking in concrete driveways.


Asphalt driveways are bound to crack with time but repairing the cracks is very easy and cost effective. Cracks can be sealed immediately with emulsified liquids or asphalt sealants. Once they are installed, you should wait for at least 6 months before applying any sealant. If it is applied prior to this time, it could cause damage to the foundation. So wait for 6 to 9 months before doing so.

Use a garden hose to remove dirt from asphalt driveways every week. When the driveway is clean, it will be very easy to identify cracks. You can then seal the cracks to prevent further damage to your driveway heating.

You should avoid oil and gasoline spills on asphalt driveways as they can cause damage to the surfaces. Fix cars with leaking fluids as soon as possible. Oil can cause asphalt surfaces to be gummy over time. It also attracts dust and dirt causing the surface to be unsightly. In case of spills, clean the surface immediately. First wipe off the excess spills with a rug and then use a garden hose to wash off the rest. If it brings about a tough stain, use some detergent and scrub until the stain comes off. If that doesn’t work, then use a detergent with a degreaser.

Seal coating is not necessary unless you want the boost the aesthetic value. It is advisable to seal coat after repairs have been done or large cracks have been fixed by a driveway contractor.


Potholes can develop on the driveway as part of wear and tear. If not repaired, they continue to enlarge. Potholes can cause tripping and they also destroy the aesthetics of your home. Thus as soon as you see a small pothole have it fixed immediately before it causes damage. Fixing them early will also cost less.

Be on the lookout for grass and weeds that grow on the edges of asphalt driveways and cause deterioration. Ensure that weeding is done once in a while to keep them from overgrowing and also to maintain the smartness of the compound.

When it snows, many people use ice melting products to clear driveways. Though they are effective, they can stain asphalt in the long run. Thus you need to spray them off frequently. Another method to keep off snow is by installing driveway heating systems. These operate automatically or with the press of a button to clear off snow on your driveway. When building or renovating, make sure you look at heated floors, snow melting systems and floor heating to ensure that your home is protected during winter.