Advantages Of Installing A Concrete Driveway

Every now and then you will be required to embark on home renovations for a number of reasons. It could be to spruce up the look and repair the damaged or worn out sections or it could be for remodelling purposes and trying out a new look. At other times home remodelling will be the addition of aspects that did not exist before to improve the home quality and value. Whatever the reason for your home improvements, one section that can greatly improve the overall state of your home is the driveway. For the driveway, choosing concrete as the material to work with provides you with several benefits and value for your money. Here are reasons why you should consider installing a concrete driveway as part of your renovations at home:


Working with concrete improves the options you have to match the general home themes you want without having to modify other structures especially the house. It is a versatile option in that you can have different colours, designs and textures giving you a flexibility to improve the aesthetic appeal of your home. Some options include stamped concrete to resemble cobblestone or tiles, a classic broom finish, stained concrete and colours from earth brown to a variety of rich greens.


Having a concrete driveway adds to the total value of your home. It increases the homes overall appeal and it is a sound investment as it adds to the resale value of your home. Research has indicated that a great first impression can add up to 10 percent to the home value and the driveway is the first thing that potential buyers notice. When it is in great shape and adds to the aesthetic impact of the home, then you can have a competitive edge in the market.


A concrete driveway can last up to thirty years or more with good maintenance. It is tougher than many other alternative driveway materials because it requires lesser repairs and refinishing over the course of the period. It is not prone to cracking and potholes are almost non-existent. The various designs used allow for perfect expansion and contraction that does not leave the concrete with cracks.


Concrete is easy to maintain. There are little repairs to be done and it is far much easier to clean compared to other driveway surfaces. Even when it comes to shovelling snow during winter; it is smoother and makes it easy to remove snow by a plow.


Concrete can be considered a green building material. It is made up of rock ground into fine powder, mixed with water and several other components. Its installation and maintenance are easy on the environment compared to most other driveway materials.


Concrete is affordable with competitive initial costs as well as low maintenance costs. The fact that you can recycle even the older concrete driveway as part of concrete aggregate ensures you have even greater savings in the long run thanks to its durability.