7 Unique Flooring Design Ideas For Kitchens

When it comes to kitchen flooring, you need to consider your options carefully. Kitchens are among the busiest rooms in the house. You need a flooring material that is able to withstand heavy foot traffic, moisture and is generally functional and hardwearing. If you have an open-plan kitchen with a small dining area, choose flooring that blends with the rest of the space. Below are a few design flooring ideas for modern kitchens.


Brick can be the best flooring material for kitchens because it’s slip-resistant and easy to care for. Brick needs proper sealing in order to last longer. You can use this flooring option if you have a busy kitchen or your home has kids and pets.


Laminate has evolved as a flooring material that is used in modern kitchens due to its versatility. With laminate, you can be guaranteed of more than 20 years enjoying a fully functional floor. This material is very durable and also warm under foot. Laminate can blend well with monochrome cupboards.


This is very suitable if you are renovating your kitchen floor on a budget. Vinyl is one of those materials that is very soft and warm underfoot. It’s even more cozy and warm to step on than carpet and wood. Vinyl floors can be used to create a unique finish in any given space.


Modern homes are now having porcelain tiles on the kitchen and dining areas. This is probably because the material is very durable and easy to maintain. It can mimic the look of hardwood floors and let you enjoy the durable and cost effective nature of this product. However, you need to be very keen on the manufacturer you choose when it comes to porcelain tiles. Not all manufacturers can deliver a quality product.


This is a classic type of flooring that has been used in homes with a rustic theme. It is ideal if you want to give the kitchen a casual and laid-back look while painting the walls with solid colors. This type of flooring is common in commercial spaces as well. It’s easy to clean but you need to make sure it is stained occasionally as recommended by the manufacturer.


Another popular option for kitchens is the darker hardwood floor. Though slightly harder to maintain than laminate and concrete, this type of floor gives the kitchen space a unique appeal due to the rich tone of wood. You can even complement the floor type with other elements in the kitchen such as the plate rack and storage cupboards.


If you are looking for a kitchen flooring with a relaxed and simple look, consider laminate. The tiles can have different sizes to complement the space. Just make sure the limestone flooring has been properly treated to withstand the harsh elements present in kitchen spaces. Good thing with limestone is that you’ll have so many material options to choose from. Contact Heavenly Heating to find out how you can keep your floors warm!