7 Beautiful And Functional Materials For Your Kitchen Floor

Kitchens need a resilient and comfortable floor surface. A floor surface that will have a good finish to repel water and moisture or even ideal for floor heating. Avoid flooring systems that can easily get damaged since kitchens are heavily used. Let’s look at 5 materials that are practical, durable and stylish for your kitchen floor.


Cork is one of the best kitchen flooring materials when it comes to comfort. Cork has a high level of cushioning so it’s warm underfoot and you can stand for long hours (preparing your favorite meals) without the floor taking a toll on your joints. Cork also comes in so many different colors, textures and patterns. You can even select tiles or plank formats depending on the style of your kitchen. The only major drawbacks with cork is that it can easily scratch and get dented. To make it less prone to dents and scratches, you’ll need to apply a protective layer of wax and polyurethane regularly.


Though not very popular, rubber floors are soft, springy and strong. They are an excellent option if you often stand for hours on your kitchen and need a comfortable floor underfoot. Rubber flooring comes in different formats. You can install tiles or sheet rubber floors to blend with the style of your kitchen. Like oak, rubber floors need to be sealed every two years or so. It will depend on the extent of wear and traffic that it is exposed to.


Vinyl is very common in modern kitchens since it’s very cost effective. You can spend between $2 and $10 per square foot when installing vinyl flooring. Vinyl comes in an array of styles too and you can choose between sheets and tiles. Vinyl is an excellent choice if you’d like a bold color on your kitchen floor. You can also use vinyl for heated floors.


Linoleum floors are popular in modern kitchen because they are durable, soft underfoot and very versatile. Linoleum is made using natural and renewable materials so it’s also eco-friendly. To keep this material looking good for long, you’ll need to apply a protective finish regularly. Linoleum comes in a wide range of colors and patterns and it can also be used to get naturally warm floors.


Hardwood is also another popular flooring material used in kitchens. Most homeowners go for hardwood floors because of the warmth and comfort of wood. The major drawback of having wood on your kitchen floor is that it can easily dent or get scratched. You also need to ensure the wood floor especially the joints, is properly protected from contact with water.


When renovating your kitchen floor on a budget, laminate can be an excellent choice. It’s soft underfoot, durable and more moisture resistant than hardwood floors. Laminate flooring can cost you anywhere between $2 and $5 per square foot. Can also be used with floor heating systems.


Similar to wood floors, bamboo is soft underfoot. There are different types of bamboo that you can use on the kitchen floor. The best is moso bamboo since it’s hard and durable making it an excellent choice for kitchen floors.