6 Things To Consider Before Installing Radiant Floor Heating

Underfloor heating system under wooden floor. 3D rendered illustration.

In newly built homes, and even some older ones, electric in floor heating is becoming an incredibly popular choice for heating the home as it provides even and consistent heat in the home and it is really an efficient heating system. This, like many home renovations, is not a small task and it will more than likely require professionals coming to your home to install it. Since you will be investing a lot of money into this renovation it is really important that you understand exactly what it is and how it works so you know if you are making the right choice for you and your lifestyle.

The Kind Of System You Want To Install: Electric Or Hydronic.

Which one you choose depends largely on what you are looking for, and whether you are looking to heat your entire home or just a few small areas. Electric systems are most ideal for small, individual areas like a bedroom or bathroom whereas hydronic, which uses hot water pumped through pipes, is a much more complex system is designed to be used for an entire home.

Brand Names Matter

When you are installing this system you are putting it under the floor of your home, so you probably only want to do it once. This is why selecting a system from a reputable company is so very important. It is also relevant to look for a company that has great independent reviews. This means other people have purchased their products and were not paid to give an opinion, so any reviews they give are honest. Something to note here is that you aren’t just buying a product from the company because most heating systems come with service and support so you will want to make sure you are comfortable with the after purchase support you will receive from the company.

The Age Of Your Home

There is a difference between building a new home and renovating an old one especially when it comes to installing a radiant floor heating system. If you are building a new home then you have some extra flexibility since flooring has not yet been installed and you do not have to worry about ripping anything up. You can also install entire home systems much easier in new builds than in existing homes since if it is an existing home you have to consider taking out the entire floor throughout the house. With a new home you can also, potentially, make the structure work around the underfloor heating system whereas with an existing home you have to make the floor work with the home unless you plan on doing a complete overhaul.

Is The System For Your Main Home, or For A Vacation Home/Cottage

This type of heating system works really with maintaining a consistent temperature over longer periods of time, so if you are planning to install it in a cottage or vacation home where you might only spend a weekend or a few days for half of the year it might not be the best idea. It also doesn’t work as quickly because when you turn up the heat on these systems the floor evenly disperses the heat and it takes time to heat up the room; that is why it’s suggested to set the temperature and leave it at that for a long time.

Location, Location, Location

Radiant heating systems are most commonly installed under floors, so you will probably have to tear up your existing floor to install this system. You could put these systems in walls or ceilings, but it is not recommended to do that as radiant heat works best, and is most efficient, when installed in the floor. So you should figure out exactly where you want to install your radiant heating system.

What Kind Of Flooring You Have Right Now

As mentioned it is most common to install these systems under floors, so you have to consider what kind of flooring material you are going to use. Radiant floor heating will be the most effective under floors that conduct heat well, like tile or laminate flooring. Materials like carpet can still be used, but others like tile and laminate are highly recommended.

As with any renovation there is a lot to consider before installing radiant in floor heating Toronto, and it is not right for every home or lifestyle. These systems provide great comfort and warmth for your home, and they are very energy efficient so if it will suit your lifestyle investing in one of these systems will definitely be worth it and will help you get maximum enjoyment out of your home.