5 Flooring Design Ideas For Modern Homes

Flooring Design Ideas

Should you be faced with the task of replacing your home’s flooring, you’ll find an array of options to consider. The flooring design that would be ideal for your living room, may not suit the kitchen or hallway. You need a flooring material that looks stylish throughout your home. Of course, price, design and personal preference will come into play when choosing flooring designs. Below are a few design ideas that you may want to consider for your home.


Stained concrete works incredibly well in homes and commercial spaces. Staining concrete is simple and can be done without professional help. Just make sure you choose the right stain for your flooring. Remember that acid stains can be harsh on concrete or any other surface that is going to receive the treatment. Also make sure that a sealant coating is applied on the concrete once it is completely dry.


Your bathroom needs an instant upgrade too. Consider the appealing look of mosaic bathroom tiles. Mosaic tiles are not just fabulous but also very creative and long lasting. This unique bathroom floor is functional for any type of space. You can even install the mosaic tiles on the countertop or bathroom floor. Just make sure the colors and patterns complement with the rest of the room.


Hardwoods can be a bit pricey but they tend to set the tone of any given space. You can opt for engineered hardwood if your budget is tight. Good thing with hardwood is that it has a high resale value. It’s also easy to clean and maintain but keep in mind that it may require occasional refinishing to keep it in tip-top shape. The best places for hardwood floors are living rooms. You can throw in a rug to make the hardwood warm and less noisy.


If you want a less dramatic flooring option that gives your space an elegant and appealing look, consider a dark stained floor. When sealed properly, wooden floors can add a timeless appeal to a living room or hallway. This particular floor design tends to blend well with plain white walls and airy ceilings. Wood flooring doesn’t have to be very costly. You can even opt for options like laminate that are designed to mimic the look of wood without the extra cost.


If you don’t mind giving your home a classic appeal, consider installing granite floors. This is an ideal flooring material for an open plan kitchen. Granite is not only durable but also stain-resistant and very easy to clean and maintain. Choose granite flooring if you have kids or pets because you won’t have trouble cleaning spills or dealing with stains. Granite flooring is most ideal for kitchen spaces. Modern granite floors can come with a guarantee of up to 20 years. They are super durable and cost effective compared to other options like hardwood floors.  You can even add color to your space using this flooring material. Contact Heavenly Heating today to find out how you can keep your floor warm throughout the winter!